Florida Cave Dive Training

Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong is a Technical, Cave and Openwater SCUBA instructor with 19 years experience in classroom, confined water and openwater management and development of students. Heather has completed over 5,000 career dives, over 1,500 in overhead environments, and 1,000 of which required staged decompression and mixed gas usage. Heather has a passion for the road less traveled, and enjoys training and mentoring those who share that passion. 

Cave Instructor


Worked with the crew of the M/V Spree to locate and catalog vessel moorings in the Dry Tortugas National Marine Sanctuary. 

Contracted by NOAA to recover a 500lb static camera array lost in 230’ of water off Corpus Christi, TX Contracted by NOAA to recover a side scan sonar unit lost in 280’ of water off Pensacola, FL. Item was successfully recovered and returned to NOAA.

Team diver in search for a TBM Avenger which was part of the Flight 19 rescue effort. Documented by The Learning Channel for the Return to the Bermuda Triangle production.

Team diver in the MAST search for Gertrude Tompkins Silver and her P51 Mustang. Several dozen targets were dived in depths up to 300’ of water. Ms. Tompkins is last missing WW2 WASP (Women's Army Service Pilot).

Association of Underwater Explorers team diver. Collected deep water coral samples in the Gulf of Mexico which proved to be Oculina Varicosa in the Gulf, where it was not previously known to exist.

Technical Diving Safety Officer for the M/V Spree. Also work to set and recover moorings for the M/V Spree, at sites as deep as 325’ of water for a 100 ton vessel on fragile wreck sites.

Team Diver with Eagles Nest cave system re-lining team in Hernando Co, Fl, covering approximately 4000’ of passage at depths averaging 250’ of water.

Dive team leader and team diver for the successful recover of a WW2 era B 25 Mitchell bomber from 150’ of water in Lake Murray, SC. The aircraft has been conserved and is on display at the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham, AL.

Dive team manager and team diver with the Woodville Karst Plain Project, coordinating a team of up to 50 volunteers working to document and survey one of the world's largest submerged caves in Wakulla Co, FL at depths averaging 250’ of water.

Florida Cave Diving


NAUI Instructor #16952L (lifetime member)
TDI Instructor #153
Nitrox and Trimix
Cave Diving
Equipment Recovery
Diver Propulsion Vehicles
Wreck Diving
Underwater Modeling

Cave Rebreather

Bachelor of the Arts (History)- Auburn University 1993
Master of Science in Human Resources Management- Troy University 1998

Professional Affiliations
National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)
Technical Diving International (TDI)
Association of Underwater Explorers (AUE)
Diver's Alert Network (DAN)
Dive Assure Rubicon Foundation
Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP)

Technical Dive Instructor


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